Zoltan by Woody Shaw

This jam track:

  • Key of C
  • 180 BPM
  • Repeats 4 times
  • Style: Latin-Jazz

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Reference Track (With Bass)

Play Along Track (Without Bass) – [Click here to download]

As Performed by Woody Shaw

The song Zoltan was written by Woody Shaw and was first released 1965 by Larry Young. Shaw’s “Zoltan” opens the record titled Unity, its A section based on the march from Zoltán Kodály’s opera Háry Janos, the B section opening out through Jones’ rolling, clattering triplets, Shaw’s wailing high notes and Henderson’s sandpaper growls, while Young himself constantly darts away from and reiterates the piece’s chordal base.

Notable recordings of this song include:

  • Bobby Ferrel (2002)
  • The Steve Houghton Quintet (2004)
  • Pete Siers Quartet (2009)
  • Dave Styker Trio (2010)
  • Brian Lynch (2016)

Australian Institute Of Music

Performed by Brian Lynch and Friends