I Can’t Give You Anything But Love by Jimmy McHugh

This jam track:

  • Key of F
  • 100 BPM
  • Repeats 3 times
  • Style: Medium-Swing

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As Performed by Billie Holiday

I Can’t Give You Anything but Love, Baby” is an American popular song and jazz standard by Jimmy McHugh (music) and Dorothy Fields (lyrics). The song was introduced by Adelaide Hall at Les Ambassadeurs Club in New York in January 1928 in Lew Leslie’s Blackbird Revue, which opened on Broadway later that year as the highly successful Blackbirds of 1928 (518 performances), wherein it was performed by Adelaide Hall, Aida Ward, and Willard McLean.

In the 100-most recorded songs from 1890 to 1954, “I Can’t Give You Anything But Love, Baby” (1928) is No. 24.

Notable recordings of this song include:

  • Sam Lanin, with vocals provided by Irving Kaufman (May 1928)
  • Johnny Hamp’s Kentucky Serenaders (1928)
  • Seger Ellis and his Orchestra (1928)
  • The Goofus Five and their Orchestra (1928)
  • Gay Ellis (1928)
  • Rube Bloom (1928)
  • Hollywood Dance Orchestra (1928)
  • Harry Richman (1928)

Performed by Emelia

Sung by Louis Armstrong