Giant Steps by John Coltrane

This jam track:

  • Key of E flat
  • 148 BPM
  • Repeats 8 times
  • Style: Up-Tempo Swing

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Reference Track (With Bass)

Play Along Track (Without Bass) – [Click here to download]

As Performed by John Coltrane

Giant Steps” is a jazz composition by American saxophonist John Coltrane. It was first recorded in 1959 and released on the 1960 album Giant Steps. The composition features a cyclic chord pattern that has come to be known as Coltrane changes. Due to its speed and rapid transition through the three keys of B major, G major and E♭ major, it’s been described as “the most feared song in jazz” and “one of the most challenging chord progressions to improvise over” in the jazz repertoire.

Notable recordings of this song include:

  • Archie Shepp and Max Roach (1979)
  • Henry Butler (1986)
  • Meredith d’Ambrosio (1985)
  • Buddy Rich (1967)

Performed by the NYC Orchestra

Emmett Cohen and Friends Killing it!