Welcome to Coffee and Smokes. Here you’ve got a repository of jazz jam-tracks and a lot of great explanation on how to integrate these jazz jams into your repertoire. What’s best, it’s FREE! But first, you probably want to know about the name, everyone does. In brief, I owned the domain name and decided to use it. It’s really that simple. As I’m not sure people will gravitate toward free jazz assistance for fellow bass players, the domain name is good enough to give it a try.

My name is Joe and I truly enjoy playing my bass guitar along to jazz standards. I grew up on traditional punk and hard rock playing, though my father was a part time jazz drummer in NYC so many years back. He impressed jazz on me; big band, rhythm and blues and Motown among other styles at a young age and my mother influenced me in classical forms. After years of playing rock music – jazz prevailed because let’s face it – Jazz is where it’s at!

The information provided on this website comes with a general assumption that you’ve had your bass in hand for a while and you know where the notes are on the neck. It’s okay if you don’t have a college education on your instrument. However, if a chart says the measure is in Eb, you’re going to need to know where that note is on the neck. Other than that, we’ll have you jamming jazz in a day!

Know that nothing here is a replacement for real theory and instrument studies. I’m definitely not a teacher. The tracks and charts provided are so you can jam along to jazz standards and such without having to search the Internet far and wide to find the good ones. They are out there, but they are here too and easier to navigate.

If you’re looking for a solid education in jazz, or gaining expert control of your instrument, try Scott’s Bass Lessons. When I was looking for an education in jazz, I became a student of Scott Devine’s online educational courses and after years, I still take courses on his website, almost daily. It’s amazing,! You work at your own pace and you’ll never be able to take every class on the site. There’s so much there and so much more added every week; you’ll be learning for years from pro’s like John Patitucci (legend), Danny Morris (veteran Berklee instructor), Ariane Cap (genius multi-instrumentalist), Rufus Philpot (legend), Gary Willis (veteran Berklee instructor), Ian Allison (legend) and the amazing Scott Devine himself among a host of others. You couldn’t get this kind of knowledge anywhere else.

With that said, I’m providing a boatload of charts and jam tracks on this website with reference on how it can be played, and the open availability for you to play it your way. I’m sharing some tips from my own experience on how to use the materials you’ll find and to understand the very bassics (yes, I spelled it with 2 s’s) of how to pick up your instrument and to play along to cool jazz tracks with the audio provided.

I don’t make any money with this website, (though you can donate through PayPal using joedolan@gmail.com). I developed it for my love of jazz and the hope that others, bassists like me, will discover the joy of playing jazz and maybe avoid some of the time-wasting pitfalls I went through trying to get to where I am today. With all that said – let’s play jazz!